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Handgun and Pistol Manufacturers Handgun Manufacturers Handgun and Pistol Manufacturers
American Derringer Corporation
Texas Based Pistol Company
American Tactical Imports (ATI)
offers several product lines including pistols and other shooting supplies
American Western Arms
American gun manufacturers focused on recreating  American western firearms replicas
Auto-Ordnance Corp
West Hurley, NY makers of Colt 1911-A1 style pistols and Thompson "Tommy Guns" (owned by Kahr Arms)
Beretta USA Corporation
Based in Maryland, Beretta Corporation has a long line of firearms.  Long reputation for Pistols and Shotgun production
Bowen Classic Arms Corp.
Louisville, TN Gunmakers and Custom Gunsmiths
Colt Firearms Corporation Products
Hartford, CT Gun Companies with a long US history, some notable models include the Colt 1911, many Blackpowder Revolvers, the Colt Anaconda and Colt Python Revolvers
Dan Wesson Firearms
New York USA Firearms Manufacturing Specializing in: Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns
Freedom Arms
Freedom, Wyoming Firearms Company producing 5 and 6 shot revolvers
Glock "Pistols" Hand Guns Manufacturer
Germany based Pistol Manufacturer and Gun Supply Company supplying one of the most popular pistol lines in the world
Heckler Koch Pistol Manufacturer
German Gun Manufacturer producing a varied line of firearms.  Leading Pistol and Rifle Companies
North American Arms Minis
Utah USA Specializing in Mini-revolvers and mini-autos Guardian .380
Para Ordnance
Ontario, Canada located Pistol/handgun Company
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.
Connecticut, gun manufacturer of a large line of semi-automatic pistols and revolvers, popular pistol lines include the Redhawk, Super Redhawk, Ruger Blackhawk, SuperBlackhawk and others
Smith & Wesson
Springfield, Massachusetts based Smith and Wesson, pistol manufacturer of revolvers and semi-automatics
Walther USA
Springfield, Massachusetts, Pistol Manufacturing Company that also produces Airguns in the US
Firearms manufacturers, gun makers from gun collections online Non US Gun Companies Firearms manufacturers, gun makers from gun collections online
Magnum Research
Makers of the Desert Eagle
ADC: Armi Dallera Custom
Italy-based makers of custom Italian firearms
Benelli USA
Small Line of Pistols
United States Firearms Manufacturing Co, Inc.
Leading New England Firearms Manufacturer of Specialty Historic Guns including Single Action Army Pistols located in Hartford, CT, USA
many  years manufacturer of Olympic quality target and sporting rifles and pistols for hunting, biathlon and match/target purposes
Armscor Precision, Inc
Arms Corporation of the Philippines producing firearms and ammunition products
Rifle Makers and Long Arms Rifle Manufacturers Rifle Makers and Long Arms
A-Square Rifles and Ammunition
Makers of Bolt Action Hunting Rifles; Manufacturer and Patent-holder of several bullet designs
Accuflite Arms, Inc.
Makers of custom bolt action firearms
AirForce Airguns
Manufacturers of airguns for adult use
Armalite Inc.
Firearms makers with pistol and rifle departments
Ballard Rifle & Cartridge
Colt Corp
Marlin Firearms Company Rifles
Center fire and rimfire rifles with .22 Tubular self-loading Target rifles Lever Action
Remington Arms Co. Inc
Sturm, Ruger & Company
Weatherby Rifle Co
Winchester Rifles and Shotguns
The Ultimate Rifle
Custom Rifle Company
Gunsmoke Inc
American Hunting Rifles
Arsenal, Inc
Manufacturer of the U.S. made, semi-automatic Kalashnikov-style sporting rifles
Bowen Classic Arms Corp
Mauser 98 reproductions from Germany (English)
Springfield Armory
Benelli, Italy
(English) Italian Rifle Manufacturers
Shotgun Makers Shotgun Manufacturers Shotgun Makers
Benelli, USA
The worlds largest maker of Pump action shotguns
Beretta USA
Rossi Usa (Shotguns)
SKB Shotguns
Omaha, NE Specializing in Over and Under Shotguns and Side by Side Shotguns
Ithaca Guns
King Ferry, NY Side by Side Shotgun Makers


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