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Model 60 Quick Facts:


semi auto .22 caliber rifle - Marlin First Year of Manufacture: 1960


Marlin Model 60 Serial Numbers Number Produced: 11,000,000


semi auto .22 caliber rifle - Marlin Originally the tube fed

magazine had a capacity of

18 long rifles.


semi auto .22 caliber rifle,  Marlin rimfire rifles The Model 60 is chambered in

.22 Long Rifle Only


Marlin Model 60 .22 Caliber


Marlin Model 60, 60C, 60DL, 60S-CF, 60SB, 60SS, 60SSK, 60SSBL, 600, .22 caliber, rifle

Marlin Model 60 Review:

The model 60 is an economical and easily managed .22 caliber rifle.  Its capacity of 14 makes it a good choice for target practice, plinking, and small game hunting.




Marlin Model 60 Owners Manual



Estimated Model 60 Value:



 History of the Marlin Model 60

An economically priced rifle that earned the title of "most popular 22 in the world." Since it was introduced in 1960, it has continuously represented one of America's finest rimfire values. It has a 19" Micro-GrooveŽ rifled barrel, cross-bolt safety, manual bolt hold-open and a patented automatic "last-shot" bolt hold-open. The tubular magazine holds up to 14 Long Rifle rounds since the late-1980s, the capacity of the rifle was reduced to a 15 round maximum limit, to meet NJ's firearms law for semi-automatic assault weapons. For a few years in the mid-1980s the Model 60 rifles had both the "last shot hold open" feature and also held 18 rounds in the tube magazine.

The Model 60 is well-suited for small-game hunting and vermin control, as well as for serious and low-cost target practice while preparing for hunting with larger rifles. The relatively large ammunition capacity is adequate for casual recreational target shooting ("plinking"), plus the low price and ease of handling makes it well-suited as a first rifle by young hunters just learning to use a semi-automatic rifle.

The Marlin Model 60 Specs:

Marlin Model 60 Caliber: 22 Long Rifle only
Model 60 Capacity: 14-shot tubular magazine with patented closure system
Action: Autoloading, semi automatic side ejection; manual and automatic "last-shot" bolt hold-opens; receiver top has serrrated, non-glare finish; cross-bolt safety; steel charging handle.
Stock: Monte Carlo walnut-finished laminated hardwood; full pistol grip.
Barrel: 19" with Micro-GrooveŽ rifling (16 grooves).
Twist Rate: 1:16" r.h.
Sights: Adjustable open rear, ramp front sight. Receiver grooved for scope mount.
Overall Length: 37.5"
Weight: 5.5 lbs.
Number built: over 11 million, 1960 - present
Variants: 60, 60C, 60DL, 60S-CF, 60SB, 60SS, 60SSK, 60SSBL, 600

Marlin Model 60 Serial Numbers

Marlin year of manufacture maybe determined from the following list of letter/numeral prefixs to the serial number; this coding only applies to serialized rifles:

1960 (August)-1961-U
1961 (August)-1962-V
1968-AD, -68

Starting in 1973, the year of manufacture maybe determined by subtracting the first two digits of the serial number from 100:

For Marlin Rimfire Rifles [non-serialized, Pre 1968]:

From 1962 thru 1968 most Marlins rimfire rifles used a two letter date code that was stamped on the barrel. This date code is different than the one already listed, as Marlin rimfire rifles  did not have a serial numbers until required to by Law after 1968. The first letter of the date code represented the month of manufacture while the second letter indicated the year. This date code was usually stamped on the left side of the barrel just in front of the receiver.


The first letter of the date code is as follows:

A = Jan.
B = Feb.
C = Mar.
D = Apr.
E = May
F = June
G = July
H = Aug.
I = Sep.
J = Oct.
K = Nov.
L = Dec.
The second letter of the date code is as follows:

F = 1962
G = 1963
H = 1964
I = 1965
J = 1966
K = 1967
L = 1968




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