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Savage Model 110 Facts:

First year of Production: 1958

Last year of Production: Currently produced

Action: Bolt Action Repeater

Magazine: 4 round internal mag

Purchase price in 1958 $109.95

Current Price Estimate: $300-750



Savage Model 110 - Model 110


The Savage Model 110, designed by Nicholas L. Brewer in 1958, has been in continuous production since that time. When Winchester closed the New Haven Connecticut plant in 2007, the Model 110 secured a place in firearms history, overtaking the Winchester Model 70 as the oldest continuously manufactured bolt-action rifle in America.

The Model 110 is known for its accuracy, reliability, and inexpensive price.




Download from Savage the

Owners Manual for

AccuTrigger Bolt Action Rifles




More Savage 110 Information:


Sights: No sights, but scope ready with drilled and tapped mount holes

The Savage 110 was the first commercial design to offer a left handed layout which accounts for loyalty in the Savage name brand from "lefties".


Savage Model 110
In 2003 the original Savage 110 trigger was replaced by the AccuTrigger, which has adjustable trigger pull settings ranging from 1.5 pounds to 6 pounds.

Savage 110 Variants
There are many variants of the Savage 110, including a Law Enforcement, a Stainless and set ups for varments and hunters of all types. Sometimes folks refer to the differing Savage 110 rifles as "long action", meaning its most powerful cartridges like the 30-06 or "short action", meaning the shorter cartridges like the .308 and the .243.

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