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Quick Tommy Gun Facts:

First year of Production: 1921

Magazine: Box or Drum

Capacity: 10+ .45 caliber

First production model:  m1921

Current Tommy Gun Value: $900++

Tommy Gun Price in 1919: $200

Rate of fire: 6001500+ rpm

America's first sub-machine gun




Tommy Gun - Thompson Submachine Gun


Tommy gun, tompson submachinegun, thompson submachine gun for sale


AKA: The trench broom, Tommy Gun, Chicago Typewriter, Choppa, Chicago Piano, Chicago Organ grinder, M1928A1 and originally the Annihilator I in 1918.


Tommy Gun History

The Tommy gun was invented by a team of designers lead by WW1 General John T. Thompson, and production began in 1921. 


Tommy Gun Price: $200 in 1921

and marketed as

"the Anti-Bandit Gun"

This first model did indeed sellout with the largest customer being the US Post Office and police departments, despite an extremely high price for the day.  The Thompson Submachine Gun was priced at $200, and the high price was due to the quality of the machined parts and wood furniture. This was called the Model 1921 and about 15000 were produced by Colt for Auto-Ordinance.  The Cutts Compensator was offered as an option for the M1921 version of the Tommy Gun in 1926.


Although originally designed and intended for World War I, the Thompson Submachine Gun had not enjoyed widespread use until 1928, with the Model 1928, which was purchased by the US Armed forces in larger numbers for years.

In the 20's and 30, Prohibition and Depression era gangsters had used Thompson Submachine Guns to carry out the wishes of their organized crime bosses. With the increased awareness and the use of the Tommy Gun in Al Capone's Saint Valentines Day Massacre, Congress was motivated to pass the National Firearms Act of 1934, which severely restricted the possession, transfer and transportation of any automatic firearm by any civilian.  Since then, the Tommy Gun has been produced in semi-automatic version for Civilian consumption.

For the Worlds Militaries, the Thompson Submachine Gun has seen action in many skirmishes and wars including the Banana Wars, Irish Revolution, Irish Civil War, WW II, Korean War, Vietnam, and Bosnia plus numerous law enforcement agencies.


.45 caliber tommy gunsTommy Gun Specs.45 caliber tommy guns

Weight 10.8 lb empty (M1928A1) 10.6 lb empty (M1A1)
Length 33.5 in (M1928A1) 32 in (M1/M1A1)
Barrel length 10.5 in, 12 in with cutts compensator

.45 caliber tommy guns Thompson Submachine Gun Serial Numbers Serial Numbers

Tommy gun prices Tommy Gun Serial Numbers tommy gun, Thompson Submachine Gun

The Thompson Gun began production at serial number 1 and the first 40 were all prototypes, making number 41 the first gun to be sold.


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