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Model 270 pump action Rifle InformationWinchester Rifles


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Winchester Model 270 Rifle Information Winchester Model 270

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Winchester Model 270 - Model 270


Winchester Model 270, Winchester 270


"Winchester model 270 is chambered in .22 caliber and digests shorts, longs and long-rifle cartridges interchangeably.  This pump action action rifle is light, and very manageable for newbies and experts alike."

- User Submitted Review


Quick Winchester Model 270 Facts:

First year of Production: 1963

Last year of Production: 1973

Magazine: Tubular

Capacity: 16 .22 Long Rifles

The Winchester Model 270 serial numbers are non-sequential

Estimated Current Value: $450+

The Model 270 pump action was chambered in the .22 caliber and has a tube magazine with a capacity of 16 .22 long rifles, but can hold about 21 .22 shorts.

The Winchester model 270 is relatively rare in the 200 series for Winchester rifles.  Related 200 series models include the 250, 255, 275 and 290.  The total production for all of the 200 Series family is over 1.6 million according to Winchester.

This rifle came in 2 types: The standard and the deluxe.  The Winchester 270 Deluxe was the same as the standard except has a fancy walnut Monte Carlo stock, factory sling swivels and some enhanced carving.  In certain cases, the deluxe was embellished with basket weave and oak leaf checkering and a gold trigger and safety button.  All rifles in the 200 series have a grooved receiver to accept scope mounts.

All Winchester 270s were produced with a 20.5 inch barrel, a fixed front sight, adjustable rear sight.  Additionally, there is a plastic forearm variation that is less desirable among collectors.



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