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Gun Collections Online is a website dedicated to helping people get top dollar for their guns and gun collections.  By leveraging our internet marketing knowledge, and experience, Gun Collections Online can provide exposure to firearms and firearm collections to qualified collectors and shooting enthusiasts around the United States.

  When completed, we hope to provide a place where gun collectors and enthusiasts come for the best prices for their guns and search our online directory for shooting information, shooting ranges and firearm data, including serial numbers.

Feel Free to view our directory of gun and shooting related information:



AR 15



 Thompson Submachine Gun - Tommy Gun


Beretta Info

Beretta 92



Browning Buck Mark

 Browning SuperposedNew Savage Information



Marlin Model 60



 Remington Model 11-48 Shotgun

Remington 1100 Shotgun

Model 742 Woodsmaster

Remington Model 7400



Remington Bolt Action Rifles

Model 700


Ruger Info

Ruger 10/22

Ruger Mini 14

Ruger Mini 30



Savage Model 110


SKS Rifle New Savage Information


Springfield Armory

Springfield M1A  

M1 Garand

Springfield Model 1903


Winchester Rifle Information

Semi Auto Rifles

Winchester Model 290


Winchester Lever Action Rifles

- Winchester Model 250

- Winchester Model 255

- Winchester Model 1866

- Winchester Model 1873

- Winchester Model 1886

- Winchester Model 1894


Winchester Pump Action Rifles

Winchester Model 1890New AR-15 By Armalite and Colt Section

Model 1906

Model 62 | Model 62A

Model 61

Winchester Model 270

Winchester Model 275


Winchester Shotguns

Winchester Model 12 Shotgun





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